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Mediation services

Providing expert support for workplace conflict resolution

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an effective form of dispute and conflict resolution. It involves having facilitated conversations with the support of a neutral professional, a mediator. Mediation can happen in person or remotely or a blend of both.

  Who is the Mediator?

I am an accredited Workplace Mediator and HR Consultant and bring my 20+ years of experience in senior management and people matters to my mediation practice. I conduct mediation services in person and remotely. 

  What happens during a Workplace Mediation?

Everything starts with a call to explore the issues and find out more about how you got to this point. I will speak to each person involved on an individual and confidential basis. We shall work through what matters and then agree next steps to help you identify a way forward.

Before the mediation:
From our call, we will establish what you need to help you achieve your goals, such as one-to-one support (Conflict Coaching), pre-mediation sessions, and guidance about approach and preparation.

The mediation session:
The mediation session is usually conducted over a full day, and we work together with everyone involved to discuss the issues, sticking points, and how you feel about the current situation. Once we have laid the foundation and each person has a better understanding of the other’s feelings and needs, we will start talking about what you would like to do to start moving things forward. This may involve some clear agreeable actions such as ways to communicate, training and development, job role re-focus, working hours etc. and some elements that need to be authorised by your managers or HR. You may simply want an apology and a commitment to stop behaving in a certain way. These outcomes are entirely down to you to decide. I will help you have the conversations and navigate your options, but I do not decide outcomes.

Putting your mediation agreement into writing:
Once you have agreed your outcomes, we will document these in a mediation agreement. This is not a legal document but is a record of what each person will do following the mediation. This is a private and confidential agreement between the parties only and will not be shared with any other person (including HR and your managers) unless everyone agrees to share this information. You will each have a copy of this agreement. I will confirm to HR or your manager whether an agreement has been reached or not, but I will not discuss or share any other element (unless I am required to do so on the grounds of wellbeing, safety or by law).

Support after your mediation:
After the mediation, I will arrange to follow-up with each person and offer support where needed to help you keep on track with the terms of your agreement. You may just want a quick call, or you may need further support. Most people stick to the terms of their agreement and as such do not need any further intervention. If anything else is needed, I will speak to HR or your manager to obtain authorisation.

   Who pays for mediation?

The employer will pay for the mediation for matters between co-workers. If you are mediating any other type of matter, please talk to me, as I work with colleagues who can provide these services.

If you are considering mediation or would like a confidential conversation to explore if this is right for you and your situation, please contact me. As an experienced HR professional, I entirely understand the issues you are faced with, and I shall help you understand your options in a jargon-free way.

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